How To: Tangoing with Tangerine

Contributor: Barbara Onianwah

As a rule, there is always the desire to have our plumage in the colors of choice for the season. With Tangerine Tango however, there are rules, follow these and you won’t go wrong.


Tangerine Shadow

Be sure to use an eye primer or a cream base first. You can either go with just a wash of Tangerine across your lids and a little over your crease


Tangerine on your eyelids and blend with a light brown eye shadow to slightly define your crease. Don’t forget your black eyeliner and mascara. Your eyes will be overpowered by the Tangerine color if you miss any of these steps.



Make me Blush in Tangerine

The trick to Tangerine on your cheeks is to pair them with a light orange gloss on your lips. Your entire face will look off if you use only Tangerine on your cheeks. Don’t know why but it is one of the tricks of the color I guess. Balance out your face with natural looking false lashes and upper eye liner to track the lashes.



Tangerine kisses

This is my absolute favorite Tangerine look and can easily become your favourite look too. For this you absolutely need to have moisturized and supple lips to enable the lip color glide on smoothly without cracking.

First line your lips with a tangerine coloured lip pencil or a flesh-toned one. Apply this liberally all over your lips to act as a barrier. Next, apply your favourite tangerine lip colour (either a lipstick or a well pigmented lip gloss). For this look, I prefer a satin finish to the lip, finish off the rest of your face keeping it simple so the lip remains the focal point of your look.


We would love to know what your favourite Tangerine look is so please share your looks with us.

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