Arise Magazine Fashion Week (AMFW

Humble Beginnings 

Contributor: Barbara Onianwah

First day at the ARISE Magazine Fashion Week (otherwise called AMFW). I am on my way to the Federal Palace Hotel, the venue for the show, for press accreditation. The place is swarming with foreigners, gorgeous models, stylists, members of the press and I’m beginning to wonder that perhaps my cute brown and black short dress, vintage teal blue earrings and blue flats aren’t fashionable enough for an International Fashion Week of this magnitude.

I walk up to the ARISE Press Table and tell them I have come for accreditation on behalf of Apparently their list of   accredited online magazine sites was not readily available, surprise surprise!! I was told to fill out a form and return the next day, fortunately for me, security is lax on this first day and I am able to get backstage with no qualms.

To my amazement is a total beehive of activity. Models walking around in heels or getting into garments, photographers snapping a million per click, wardrobe attendants shouting shoe sizes across the din, stylists shouting for accessories, scarves and the like, makeup artists also shouting for mascara  wands, different foundation shades etc, it was somewhere between mad and organized.

I head over to the makeup section of the backstage tent which has automatically caught my eye and I spy some of Nigeria’s finest there. I say hi, spread some good cheer, hugs, blown kisses, pecks on the cheeks and I head off to take as many pictures as I can with my point-and-shoot camera and my Blackberry. It was quite an experience and with my buddy Bayo by my side, I knew the rest of AMFW was going to be a blast and we couldn’t wait to share backstage and street style pics for eyes only.

Stay tuned for Part II : The Glorious Finish


Backstage Mobile Pics

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