RED LIPS for days like V-DAY


Contributor: Barbara Onianwah


V-Day Smooch Lips

A Valentine Red Lip

Today is Valentine’s day and there will be splashes of red all over the world. Not wanting to be left out, here is a how-to on how to apply the perfect red lipstick (this same technique also applies to any other bright lipstick)

Step 1: Exfoliate lips for this you need an old toothbrush and Vaseline. Apply the Vaseline generously on your lips and gently scrub lips with the toothbrush. The best is, after wiping off the excess Vaseline on the lips with a tissue, the lips will be smooth and well moisturized.


Step 2: Line the lips take a flesh toned pencil or a red lip pencil and line the perimeter of the lips. Using same pencil, fill in the lips and blend with a lip brush.


Step 3: Applying the lip colour Using the lip brush ( preferably a precision lip brush you are comfortable with) apply the red lipstick shade you are most comfortable with and suits you the best evenly all over the lips. Apply your preferred colour of lip gloss over the lip colour as desired.

Step 4: Step out in style with your best face forward

Red Lip Sample








Red Lip Sample








Don’t forget to put your index finger in between  your lips and drag it out to forestall any red teeth stains that can out the dampener on your perfect Valentine date.


Barbara herself : )

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY and be sure to send us your Valentine red lipped pictures too.

Photo credits – Barbara & 1923

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